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“Profitable monthly income with bonuses!”


“My life is different as a Modern CEO and I am very happy.”


“Being a Modern CEO has brought me the financial freedom and life I wanted in a very short amount of time.”


“I am doing it in a way that is aligned to me, my values, and who I am.”


“I have seen the growth in me and consequently my business, which is the best thing ever.”


“I have built a rhythm of rest that I look forward to in my day week and year.”


“The daily support you get in the group, is most valuable.”


“Go directly to VIP. You will not regret it.”


“There’s always going to be someone in the community that can help you.”


“The accountability in Fresh keeps you moving forward doing the things you are supposed to be doing.”


“I’ve seen incredible things happen because of that right on time mindset shift.”


“My biggest takeaway – You can build the business to surround your life and you can restructure it to fit your lifestyle.”


“Having a system to keep me on track to to meet the goals I was setting was something I knew I knew that I needed in my life.”


“Fresh helps me to stay accountable, strategic and focused.”


“If you are ready to make an investment in your business, join Fresh.”


“I have clear direction on where I am going in my business and things are progressing.”


“Fresh helps me to stay accountable, strategic and focused.”


“If you are looking for someone to take you to that next level, just sign up.”

"The clarity I gained...has been invaluable"

I signed up for Freshly Implemented because I liked the material presented in the Planathon as well as the energy of the group. I was mainly looking for accountability when I joined vs. actual training.

Fresh showed me how to put myself out there into the world, which created more self-confidence in how I approach my business.

My biggest win is that I’m still moving forwards with the same project instead of being into the third or fourth idea with nothing completed.

Without the support of the Freshies, I would probably have moved on to another bright and shiny thing and never spent the time to really get clear on where I want my business to grow and what my big goals are both for my life and business.

The clarity I gained from staying focused and testing the waters in different areas has been invaluable. It’s made a world of difference to my outlook for my life and business!”

Kelly Christian, CEO

"Fresh is work its weight in gold"

“I signed up for FRESH because I didn’t want to do another course. Instead I was looking for accountability and encouragement for working IN my business (versus ON it).

FRESH is worth its weight in gold.

It’s everything rolled into one: a mastermind, a community, a collective, a sharing.

I love the other women I’ve worked with and the connections I’ve made. I love that it gives me the chance to collaborate face to face, brainstorm for myself and other people and also learn from what others are doing.

The most valuable part of FRESH was recognizing where I was spending my time versus where I was actually making money didn’t mesh. This pumped new energy into growing the part that was already flourishing (and letting go of something I wasn’t ready to tackle).”

Shannon Caldwell

"I become more confident"

Freshly Implemented helped me become more confident as a CEO of my own business. I’ve built a small but mighty team for my agency.


"I successfully launched my programs'

Because of Fresh, I have kept my eye on my goals and connected with great people. I successfully launched my writing retreat and Write Your Book Now program!

CALLIE metler-smith

"It changed the way I did business"

I signed up for Fresh because I needed a direction and I needed someone to help me with how to map out the chart.

The big picture overwhelms me easily, so having a guide and a real person that would hold me accountable was crucial to me feeling I invested wisely in my business.

To say I appreciate and love Fresh is an understatement.

It changed the way I did business. It helped me clean up loose ends, connected me with fantastic business owners, and helped me put my plan together so I had no choice but to succeed.

Talking through my concerns, getting helpful feedback and breaking down the game plan on how to finally make that idea come to life was absolutely necessary to push past my roadblocks.

It was important someone saw it from the business perspective and not the creative perspective – the creative is easy for me. It’s the operation behind the creative that needed to be shaped in order for it to be truly successful.”

Kristen Becker

CEO, Five Dot Design

"I had a $50,000 launch of my program on its first run"

Before Fresh, I’d just invested $20,000 in a mentorship program that completely disappointed me. Even though Freshly Implemented wasn’t near that price point, I was scared to lose my money and be disappointed in tall, undelivered promises again. I needn’t have worried… Amber is the real deal. She genuinely cares about you and your business and goes the extra extra mile. And the community is amazing. The value you get is WAYYY more than the price. Having Amber and the other members of freshly implemented to run ideas with, and get feedback from was huge! With their support, I had a $50,000 launch of my program on its first run!

Rachel Luna

Author, Coach & Founder, Girl Confident

"I gain value in the community"

I gain so much value just by connecting with the Fresh community! It’s great to have them as a sounding board to get feedback, ask questions and brainstorm!

BECKY launder

'My go-to for when I'm stuck'

Being in Fresh is like having “coworkers” to help me work through things. It’s my go to for things when I’m stuck and need feedback.

SAMI bedell-mulhern

"I'm now fully owning my role as CEO"

Before I started Fresh, I’d been “playing” at owning my own business for the better part of 3 years. While I technically “owned” my own business, in no way was I acting as a good steward of my company and resources. Fast forward 7 months of Fresh, Amber, and the crew she has in place and I’m now fully owning my role as CEO of Jen Vertanen & Co. The shifts were subtle as they happened, but one day I woke up and it finally all clicked in place. Ask anyone – the difference in how I conduct my business is night and day. I make the hard decisions. I delegate the tasks I can do but don’t want to do. I produce financial plans and march towards them with confidence, clarity, and ease. I know a huge part of it is me being ready to accept the responsibility that comes with being CEO and a huge part of that is having a circle of other amazing CEOs and women to lovingly encourage to step up my game and own, once and for all, my rightful place in this crazy world of entrepreneurship. Fresh combines the very best of strategy, planning, taking action, and most importantly, having FUN.

Jen Vertanen

CEO, Jen Vertanen & Co.

"Amber has created a group unlike any I’ve encountered"

I went into Fresh mainly because I needed accountability (for me, that’s a huge factor in the difference between getting things done or my To Do list just multiplying endlessly), but I’ve ended up with far more than that. Amber and her wonderful team have created an environment and group unlike any I’ve encountered. It’s not just supportive and helpful for developing that oh-so-elusive clarity and focus in business we all want — which has been amazing in and of itself! — but she also provides you with an incredible level of personalized feedback (not the generic kind that is just repeating anecdotes and formulas that we’ve all read or heard countless times before), as well as carefully crafted monthly lessons, sessions and tools to help you seriously make magic with your business. Not tomorrow, not someday – NOW. Most importantly, I found in Fresh an antidote to the nemesis of all of us hardworking entrepreneurs + practitioners who work so much online: isolation. When you combine Amber’s amazing business instincts, know-how and skills with her capacity for being a gentle leader, you’ve got a truly unique and special place in which to cultivate your empire, and a whole new way of looking at what your bottom line is REALLY about. I’ve been in various fields of business for decades, and let me tell you: Amber is a rare find — a true Triple Threat in the business world. She’s driven, smart… and yes, incredibly nice (did I mention that? Seriously!).

Kimberly Arana


Fresh Member


Fresh Member


Fresh Member

"I feel safe to ask for help"

I’m more confident when I talk about my business. I’m also not afraid to ask for help from the awesome Fresh community.

Jeri anne cook

'I love having Fresh to talk things out'

I love talking out problems and ideas with a variety of types of entrepreneurs in Fresh

Brittany berger

"Helps you get out of your comfort zone"

Amber is personally invested in you and helps you get out of your comfort zone.

Tami Cunningham

"This year is my most profitable year yet"

I was tired of having lots of ideas and plenty of goals but getting nowhere. I knew with some support, accountability, and Amber’s down-to-earth approach, I could turn things around.

With Fresh by my side, I’ve revamped my pricing and offerings, stopped accepting less-than-ideal clients, formalized my proposal and contracting systems, and realized that the best ways for me to make money were right in front of me the whole time.

I’m also on track to make this year my most profitable yet.

If you’re ready to stop spinning your wheels, stop throwing your money at courses you don’t need, and start taking action, Fresh is the place to be.

Amy Scott


"Has given be crystal clear clarity"

Freshly Implemented has given me crystal clear clarity, especially with WHO I need to be to achieve my goals. It’s nice to have a goal but who do you need to be to get there? With starting a new business, I need to be consistent, know what I’m working on, take ownership of my actions, my personal life and businesses. I’m aligned and focused.

Danielle lockni-young

'It keeps me going!'

Amber is my go-to mentor for advice, motivation, or just re-thinking or re-prioritising my plans. The amount of energy, support and love she pours into every member in her community is incredible. It gives me on-going support and check-ins to keep going!

MAGGIE giele

"Sold out my first program in two weeks"

Fresh is there for the long haul. It doesn’t just dump a bunch of knowledge on you and run. It supports the ups and downs that all businesses face and when it was time to re-emerge, I had one of the smartest business mentors in the world to help me relaunch. One of the biggest realizations Fresh has given me is that all entrepreneurs go through times of doubt and struggle. We all go through periods of working our asses off and totally crashing out. But being able to be with some people I really admire and have a much more realistic view of what being in business is all about, I re-launched at full steam ahead and sold out my first program in 2 weeks, generated a business plan that will seriously take me to a whole different level, developed the skills to support this growth, and created relationships I can call on for the long foreseen future. I’ve gone from a dimmed out flame to a lady on fire and having the safe space of Fresh was definitely a huge part of making that happen!”

Megan Hale


"More than doubled my revenue goal"

I reached my goal revenue target within 4 months of being in business, thanks to the accountability, support and cheering squad of Fresh. As I come close to closing out the year, I realized that in the 7.5 months I was in business for myself, I made more money than in the 13 months combined I was at my previous day job. Conservatively, I will have more than DOUBLED my revenue goal by the time the year ends. And I never would have had the audacity to put out such a big number for the year before Fresh. AND I’m working full-time for myself and supporting my family. I learned how to do what I love AND follow the money. Something I would not have had the confidence to do pre-Fresh. For me this meant following my passion for (and years of experience in) sales & marketing psychology while putting another passion of mine – yoga – on the back burner for a while. I’m happy to report that by doing what I love AND following the money, I now have a great strategy in place to make both passions profitable.


Sara Anna Powers

Fresh Member


Fresh Member

Karen Taggart

Fresh Member

"The Modern CEO came at the perfect time for me, in my current season of life and business."

With Modern CEO, I got my groove back. Running a business with significant changes and becoming a new mother made it challenging to prioritize and focus on work. I have an entire list of the values I have experienced so far, but the one that surprised me the most was the Hotline to Amber. It’s vital to have someone in your corner to help you process and discover new ways forward when you’re in the weeds. With Amber, you’ll feel like you have a business partner/advisor that you can call anytime. Lastly, having a group of other Modern CEOs to mastermind with each month is valuable in and of itself.


Founder & CEO of Grit & Virtue

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