The Modern CEO with Amber McCue

If you are done with the Overwhelm, Exhaustion, and Hustle that stops you from getting Freedom and Taking Action in Your Own Business…

It’s time for you to promote yourself to The Modern CEO.

The Modern CEO shows you how to build, grow, and scale a profitable business all the way to $1,000,000 (and beyond).

The most comprehensive online program to learn and apply what it actually takes to build, grow, and scale a successful business, from knowing your numbers to marketing and leadership to how to take action even when you might feel fear.

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Amber McCue

Business Growth Strategist

Let me ask you something...

Do you have a j-o-b or do you have a business?

Most entrepreneurs you know are buried in learning and doing all the marketing, but when it comes to actually looking at their business as a whole many people do not know how to do that. It’s not their fault either. Most programs do not share how to actually run a business, which leaves most entrepreneurs stuck creating another JOB for themselves. Time to say goodbye to that employee way of operating and give yourself the promotion to Modern CEO you deserve.

Your promotion to The Modern CEO is Right on Time.

I am very happy

I have grown my email list to over 4,000 subscribers. I am generating online sales. I have launched my Math Intervention Academy. I met my enrollment goal every time. I have become a person people reach out to to collaborate with and invite to speak at conferences. My life is very different as a Modern CEO and I could not be more happy.

Michelle, Educator and modern ceo

Her insight is spot on!

Amber is the type of person who calmly looks at any situation and immediately assesses how to fix it. Not only is her insight spot-on, and her empathy palpable, her brain works in the constant mode of asking, “How can I make this better?” As a result, she empowers entrepreneurs to feel confident as they up-level their businesses…and find joy along the way.

Jasmine Star, photographer, business strategist and modern ceo

You've read the books, listened to the gurus, joined all the FB groups, and attended the webinars. When is all this knowledge going to generate measurable results?!

Hint: when you step into THE MODERN CEO 😉

Before I answer…Let me know if any of these describe your current situation:

👉 You’re doing all the things you’ve been told you “should” do, but aren’t seeing real growth to your revenue and profit (or you’re seeing growth but the last time you slept properly was 2003)

👉 You *think* you’re great at making decisions, but seem to spend more time second guessing yourself than actually taking action (if only you could get some form of confirmation that you’re on the right track)

👉 You’re working crazy hours, but don’t have the results to make it feel worth the sacrifices you’re making (you’re sick of letting your family down, ghosting your friends, and feeling anxious or guilty during your “time off”)

👉 You know you have what it takes to make your business a GENUINE success, but something just isn’t clicking (and THIS is the most frustrating thing of all, for a high-achiever like you)

You wanted freedom and what you got was a low-paying (sometimes no paying) job without any of the benefits. Ouch.

Something needs to change, or your passion for this business is going to fizzle out faster than your sparkling water.

What happened to the DREAM of running a successful business? Do you have the freedom you thought you would?

Let’s get you out of this cycle of stuck…

First, you aren’t alone in feeling this way.

So many business owners are stuck wondering what the right next move is. Like you, they are working their buns off for the dream and feeling miserable.


Sounds dreamy, right?

But...It’s not a dream!

The Modern CEO is for entrepreneurs and business owners who want consistent, predictable cash flow without working 24/7. All of the above is 100% possible for your business too. I’ve done it and I’ve helped thousands of other business owners in our community get there.

Let’s get you out of the cycle of stuck...


It’s time to become The Modern CEO.

Like many entrepreneurs I suspect you’ve devoted a lot of time, money and energy into your business. In fact, you know a lot. The big problem is that you probably aren’t learning the right things which is why you are feeling stuck in the same patterns of feeling like your business is just barely keeping it together. 

As much as a good marketing tip can HELP your business, understanding the ins and outs of marketing alone won’t help you run your business. Don’t get me wrong, it absolutely is important but it’s not the same as knowing how to be a The Modern CEO.

Let me ask you this….Has anyone actually showed you how to run your business yet? And if you are thinking “of course I know how to run my business!” 

Uh…how is that going? 

No really, think about it. While you’ve likely learned about funnels and marketing hacks and ads, do you know about things like how to —

  • Build your strategic priorities roadmap so you know what to focus on when 
  • Read your financial reports and understanding the numbers
  • Build a solid $1 Million Dollar marketing plan and not just doing whatever new strategy lands on your discovery page that day 

I know, you might not have thought about any of this before and it’s not your fault! Typical business strategies teach you how to survive, I want to In the Modern CEO you will quickly see how to thrive and hit teach 6 and 7 figures or beyond. 

It’s a whole new way of thinking and it’s also the KEY finding happiness in your business right now. The truth is that the businesses who have big success don’t just think like internet marketers or growth hackers. They think like CEOs. I know that the term “CEO” might not feel right yet with you but embracing this way of being can be a gamechanger for your business.



So what’s the difference between a CEO and a regular business owner, anyway?

The Regular Business Owner

👉 Constantly in their business and responding to everything
👉 Follows trends and is always in experimentation mode
👉 Does what their mentors do
👉 Emotions lead the way, where the business goes they go
👉 They have to do EVERYTHING and be everywhere
👉Hires people but struggles to get them going


👉 Business runs with or without them seamlessly
👉 Industry leader, doing their own thing and leading their business their own way
👉 Has just the right support for making everything run without worry
👉 Only focuses on what they like to do and their strengths
👉 Their team hires fit into their company culture and system seamlessly
👉 Works with clients they adore and who adore them back

Which one sounds better to you?


The Modern CEO

The most comprehensive online program to become a Modern CEO. Have more freedom, make more money (consistently), and do it all without having your whole life ruled by running your business.

The Modern CEO teaches you how to run a business successfully to get predictable profits – one that isn’t cobbled together with tape and a dream.

Already know The Modern CEO is for you?

Maybe you're thinking

Amber, this sounds awesome.


Modern day business owners need not be stressed, overwhelmed and confused all the time.

Over the last 10+ years I’ve built 2 successful businesses to a combined multi-seven figures. All while having babies, suffering from chronic migraines, moving a lot – and more than 15x in one year, and while traveling the world. I’ve helped thousands of businesses along the way and here’s what I know — if you want to have a business that lasts and not just flash in the pan random success…You have to show up like the Modern CEO.

Running a business takes courage, focus, and perseverance. Even more, it requires a commitment to take consistent action and desire to be in it for the long run.

My goal is to show you and show up for you with everything you need to think, operate, and make decisions like a Modern CEO. You can apply these principles to grow any business you want for the rest of your life because I’m not here to teach you the latest trends or strategies. There are other experts who can show you what is working now. 

What I will do is train you to become a CEO who only makes profitable decisions that reflect the life YOU WANT. These strategies work no matter what the latest marketing tactic de jure is. If you keep throwing shiny new things at your business problem, you’ll be circling in the cycle of stuck longer than you need to be. That’s why you want to step into The Modern CEO role now. 

Lots of people have big dreams of being a business owner. In fact more and more businesses are started every year and only 90% fail. Even fewer people are happy doing it. So many “successful” people are MISERABLE and I have to ask: what’s the point of that?

The Modern CEO is all about giving you the tools to build a business that makes you happy too!

If you are going to build, grow, and scale a business, you can’t sleep on stepping into your Modern CEO role.

Your business and your life will change after The Modern CEO.

People will wonder where your newfound clarity and confidence came from.

Just let them know your boss promoted you! 😉


Your Business Playbook

Aka “The Playbook.” Your personalized business Playbook that tells you exactly what to do when in your business and why. You will build this step by step as we move through The Modern CEO together.

$1M Marketing Plan

With your $1M Marketing Plan in hand there will always be a method to the madness and you’ll know why and how you got results so you can do it again and again. You’ll also be equipped to change strategies when trends change and what used to work stops working.


You’ll have identified your sales and marketing system of choice and you’ll be ready to generate sales on repeat. To grow and scale your business quickly, I invite you to focus on “The One” strategy we discuss here.

Client Success Strategies that Scale

You’ll understand what it really means to scale and you’ll be able to design a truly scalable business model that delivers five star client experiences. This is something most online business programs skip over. More time is spent on marketing than on client delivery. To really scale, you won’t skip on this.


Listen to How The Modern CEO Gets Results


Modern CEO

“Profitable monthly income with bonuses!”


Modern CEO

My life is very different as a Modern CEO and I could not be more happy.


Modern CEO

“Being a Modern CEO has brought me the financial freedom and life I wanted in a very short amount of time.”

THE MODERN CEO works because:

1) We are doing real business - This will allow you to create a real business, not another J O B

2) Direct access to Amber to get your questions answered personally, this is not a cookie cutter experience

If you have thought about working with Amber McCue, DO IT! She has been my support, my rock and the huge activator I needed to change what wasn’t working in my business… She is on my metaphorical speed dial, ya’ll.


SHENEE, modern eo

"What a difference. Amber made me take my business seriously."

After only 4 months, I’ve seen a 2,300% increase in website traffic since I started working with Amber and a 560% increase in sales. What a difference!”

Jenna Drew

Modern CEO

"I've increased my revenue"

Amber’s approach helps you make sense of chaos and keeps you focused on bigger goals. Since working with Amber, I’ve increased my current revenue and got my second business off the ground. I’m attuned to the forward movement in my companies and ready for the future.

aimey bryan

Modern CEO


Here’s how we walk alongside you as you elevate to The Modern CEO:

My priority is you getting results in your business. You can’t get results without action. Even small steps add up. So we are going to get in action together after you enroll and as you step into your Modern CEO role.


We start with walking through your CEO Systems because this is the part that we need first and foremost. It’s the part most entrepreneurs skip over to get to sales and marketing. But we need this to begin our journey to become The Modern CEO your business needs.

In CEO Systems you’ll build your identity on how you want to show up as a leader and how your business is differentiated from all the rest. You’ll set your business to operate like a legit business. This foundation sets you up to scale and grow like never before.

Aka your business strategy, a vision for success, and a roadmap for growth. Going through this process will immediately elevate your business future.

Get clarity on all things Running the Business. The parts nobody likes to talk about but everybody needs, the numbers you need to know to get ahead, the meetings you need to have, and more.

Know exactly where you will focus your time and energy for maximum productivity. We will set up your action plan for growth from the very beginning! 

Once your business foundation is established we are moving onto our selling systems…


Using our sales system processes, you’ll become an ideal client mind reader and design an offer that is irresistible! You know what that means right? It means more sales. You’ll stop throwing spaghetti at the wall and you’ll design a marketing plan that works for you and gets you to the number you want using our $1M Marketing Plan. Your Money Maker Sales Systems is built on a foundation of a series of ONE successful marketing after another. Or you might find ONE is enough and you just stick with that for life!

These action-focused workshops will build your CEO mindset without the $100K MBA price tag. Each workshop covers a next-level topic that’s essential to your sustained success as an entrepreneur. You simply show up and we’ll work the concept live — so you leave with the momentum already swinging towards success. Once you join The Modern CEO, you also get access to all prior Power Workshops, as well as a front row seat to a new training each month.

Like speed dating, but no frog-kissing is involved and it’s a much more efficient use of your time! Get constructive feedback from other business owners on a specific issue on a schedule that works for you. Then go take action.

Doing #allthethings doesn’t get you there!! Choose your best marketing strategy based on real data that you’ll look at in your $1M Marketing Plan.

At the end of this module, you’ll have your personalized roadmap to know exactly what you are selling, to who, and how to sell it online.


Your offer is different from all the ways you show up and serve your clients and create a scalable business while delivering a 5 Star Client Experience. Don’t let your client success systems be an afterthought. And as you design an incredible client experience you also want it to be scalable for lasting growth, right? I’ve got you! Let’s build your business to scale!

First we’ll take a look at what scale could look like for you so you design your client success paths around that.

This is how you stand out, get referrals, and keep people coming back!

Then You’ll be ready to build out the steps to take to get your products and services into the hands of your clients efficiently, successfully, and in a meaningful way.

With your Client Success Systems set up for Scale, you’ll be ready to reach more people while working less. Grow your business 10x without working 10x harder.


It’s important to me that we connect live throughout the Modern CEO experience. There is so much information available on the internet and through other courses you have purchased that most entrepreneurs and business owners don’t need more information. In fact you may have taken so many courses you can’t even count them. You don’t need more information. I know this. You are a smart cookie!! 

If you have the information you need and you know what we are supposed to do to get the results you are looking for, why are so many people still struggling to get the results? Right…?! The million dollar question is, why isn’t all of this learning changing your results?

It is not a know-how problem.

We have to show up in a completely different way in the role of The Modern CEO and I’ll walk alongside you as you make this transformation into becoming a Modern CEO. I personally show up for you:

So you always know what your next move is.

Via Zoom that are directly with me and our marketing expert

You’ll be able to ask an unlimited number of questions about your business growth journey and The Modern CEO and you’ll get direct answers from Amber personally

Hosted by Amber to build your plans together

For added accountability and more personalized strategic guidance for your business with Amber & other Modern CEOs

Accept your promotion and be the The Modern CEO your business needs today.

Enroll by Nov 5 at 2pm US Eastern to join our onboarding call for the current cohort.
If you have questions, ask now and get a personal reply! I am here for you!!


The Modern CEO Collection is going to change everything for your business! But….
I am not stopping there! We also have bonuses you will need now or in the future!

high value bonuses

kelsey chapman

Author, Podcaster, Business Mentor, Modern CEO 

Additional Hotline Plus Bonus Calls. Join today to get UNLIMITED Hotline Questions during the Modern CEO!

The Hotline Unlimited Plus

Submit Unlimited Hotline questions during The Modern CEO live experience. With this bonus, submit additional questions to The Hotline to be answered directly by Amber as needed over the next six months. We know questions come up when you get in action. We want to be here for you to answer them when you need it most. Use it as needed like your own personal batline.

($1,200 value)


In addition to access to me in our community (I’m personally in the community all the time!), you will be able to take your CEO Points and claim rewards that include a one-on-one call with myself or our Modern CEO Mentors. It’s true, I open my calendar for those times when you really need to call someone who’s going to get you out of the cycle of stuck and back in action, STAT. The Modern CEO Rewards that includes calls and strategy sessions really make The Modern CEO over the top unique. At the Scale and Accelerate levels you get real, direct access to me, AND you can book Backpocket calls with the Fresh mentors, too!
Depending on which level of The Modern CEO you join, you can get UNLIMITED BACKPOCKET CALLS with me. How do you put a value on that level of support?

    On top of that, you are going to go crazy for direct access to experts who will help you grow your business. Just like you can use your points to book 1:1 calls with me, you can do the same with our Mentor team, who all have different areas of expertise like community building, content strategy, PR, and more. The power of a team is infinite. Just like your potential. Our Modern CEO Team is made up of people I’ve worked with and people who have been a part of our community for quite a while. They’ve been where you are and have strategies to help you.

($497 value)


When you join us in The Modern CEO you’ll immediately become eligible to receive Modern CEO rewards. Our rewards program is unlike other rewards programs in that you don’t have to buy anything extra to get points. The Modern CEO rewards you for taking strategic, focused action, in your business. Each time you complete a section of The Modern CEO for your business, or you hit a new revenue goal or important milestone in your business, or you do a little Modern CEO selfcare, you WIN. Each and every wins add up and allow you to claim rewards. 

Rewards included but not limited to:

  • Be featured in an email to my community
  • Right on Time or Modern CEO Swag
  • Backpockets with Amber or Mentors in the program
  • Strategy sessions with Amber or Shay
  • Full day VIP intensive with Amber

You’ll get your first set of points as soon as you enroll in The Modern CEO.

($1200 value)



Yet, at some point all business owners say to themselves, I wish I had a clone! In How to Clone Yourself we’ll break down the system creation and hiring processes I have used to make hundreds of successful hires. Yes, there’s a right way to hire! We’ve got you covered when you are ready. We’ll even help you figure out WHO to hire and WHAT to build systems for first.

($497 value)

Missy Campbell

Pinterest Strategist, Modern CEO


Every year I host a select group of Modern CEOs for an all virtual, year end planning retreat. Here’s your ticket to this private event. This year’s retreat will be held on December 15 & 16. Stay tuned for exact times!

($1200 value)


Use these Implementation Kits as a step by step checklist for implementing your decided marketing efforts after you complete your $1M Marketing Plan. In these Implementation Kits I share behind  the scenes, roadmaps to implement, calculators, and so much more. These Implementation Kits will fast track your marketing efforts.

($1800 value)

You are right on time.

Enroll Now and Get these Plug & Play Implementation Kits


10K Challenge Kit

Run your own Planathon like event (but simpler). We can tie more than $1M in sales back to challenges. We’ll share all of our strategies, templates, emails, and lists with you.

($300 value)

Host High Converting Virtual Retreats

Virtual events are not going away. We’ll show you how to host virtual retreats for your clients or for your future clients – Virtual retreats can achieve incredible 20%+ conversion and sales for your business – we’ll show you how!

($300 value)

Start a Podcast Implementation Kit

The resources + tools you need to start a podcast to build trust with your community.

($300 value)

Sell on Social

Social media is great, here’s how to use it to engage with ideal clients and generate revenue.

($300 value)

Webinar Essentials

Webinars are a vital part of your toolbox. We’ll walk you through how to create and execute a webinar that simply works.

($300 value)

1M Marketing Plan

Building your business to scale takes strategy, but it’s not hard. We’ll show you how to break down your $1M Marketing Plan so you can quickly get back to doing what you love and you can get back in action bringing the plan to life.

($300 value)

Start Taking Action Now

The Modern CEO is for entrepreneurs and business owners who want consistent, predictable cash flow without working 24/7.
Choose your path below.

$347 USD x 6

per month for 6 months or $1800 Pay in full

The Modern CEO Grow is a high-touch 6 month consulting program for CEOs who are new or need light support.

Grow Includes:

value: $19,647

$347 USD x 6

per month for 6 months or $1800 Pay in full

$587 USD x 6

per month for 6 months or $3200 Pay in full

The Modern CEO Scale is an immersive 6 month experience for established businesses or thow who want more strategic collaboration.

Scale Includes:

value: $25,217

$587 USD x 6

per month for 6 months or $3200 Pay in full

$1083 USD x 6

per month for 6 months or $6,500 Pay in full

The Modern CEO Accelerate is for six figure to seven figure business owners who want to stay connected and informed on the latest strategies with a group of peers and who want unlimited strategic guidance from Amber.

Accelerate Includes:

value: $33,167

$1083 USD x 6

per month for 6 months or $6,500 Pay in full


Amber McCue

Risk-Free, 5 Day Win-Win Guarantee


The Modern CEO is the most comprehensive, personalized, hands-on experience for ambitious, motivated entrepreneurs who are tired of just getting by and who know there is a better way to do business. After more than 8 years consulting with small businesses and working with hundreds of business owners, I am certain that what we are sharing in The Modern CEO will move your business forward. 

When you join, you’ll get immediate access to program materials, we’ll start collaborating right away. We go all in and it’s high-touch. I show up for you. 

If after joining us and attending the onboarding calls you find The Modern CEO isn’t right for you, right now, simply reach out, share with us why, and we’ll refund your money within 5 days of you joining the program. We only want Modern CEOs in the program who will benefit from it and show up to get results. 

It’s a win-win. 

Join now, start putting your plans in motion, and make progress toward your goals. If you do not feel totally confident in your next steps, we’ll refund your full investment within the first 5 days of enrollment. Get the full details here.

Business Growth Strategist

Before I became a Modern CEO I was like the wacky waving inflatable tube guy. I had zero structure or sense on how to even run a business… I just lived in pure chaos flailing around, not even knowing where my next dollar was coming from. Enter Amber. I now have my “business ish” together. I have kickass offers that bank, and a complete system on securing and retaining clients (cha-ching!). I have Amber to thank for over 200k in revenue. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I have Amber to thank for over $200k in revenue.

katrina hubbard, Modern CEO

"Amber is the most amazing!"

Amber is the most amazing mentor ever. Before I started withing with her, I had a vision for my business, but I wasn’t sure how to get there. With Amber’s guidance and the support of this incredible community, that vision has come to life. And this is just the beginning. Now, I’m building out my team to scale even more, all while spending more time with my family.

Sarra, modern ceo

"I am more focused than ever"

I am focused on what I truly enjoy. Gradually I am building my business after struggling through the pandemic year. I am doing it all in a way that is aligned to me, my values and who I am.

Monica, Modern ceo

Before I was a Modern CEO, I was burnt-out… After I joined the Modern CEO way of thinking, my business and life changed. I work with less clients and make more money.

I work with less clients and make more money.

Lisa, Modern ceo

the modern ceo is for you

Yes, the Modern CEO is for business owners who are SO EXCITED about the work but never get to experience that excitement because of the constant stress and overwhelm of doing the constant work of trying to keep everything together.

If you are tired of the mess and the stress and just want the business everyone has been talking about, I can’t wait to share The Modern CEO experience with you.

This isn’t another strategy or growth hack. It’s an invitation for you to change the way you run your business for the better. Your business should fuel you. It should excite you. I’m not saying it’s all gonna be an easy cakewalk but if freedom is your “why” it’s time you start prioritizing that! 

Chasing the next trend isn’t going to get you there.

Doing what everyone else is doing isn’t gonna get you there.

Implementing a bunch of systems or backend stuff isn’t gonna get you there either.

What will get you there is understanding — finally — how to be a business owner and not just another employee working at a stressful job. You deserve that. 

More ease. More money. More life.

Join before 2pm US Eastern on November 5 to attend the first onboarding call

more bonuses?!

Join before 2pm US Eastern on November 5th for all the bonuses

Shay Hrobsky is a master at getting affordable leads! Her FB Ads training breaks down how to do it.

($297 value)

Modern CEO

Let's Sum it up

Here's Everything You'll get with Freshly Implemented

The Fresh Experience

From regular group calls, implementation workshops, coworking time, masterminding and level of personal support we give you, we consistently hear that the Freshly Implemented experience is worth as much as a high end mastermind. Choose the CEO, VIP, or Accelerate level based on what you need in your business right now. What matters is that you join us if you are ready to get in community and get in action.


$27,288 - $37,288 Total Fresh Value

(if a la carte or compared to cost of other mastermind experiences)

Total Freshly Implemented Investment Starts at $3500 (or $299/month)

That's Over $33,000 in Value When You Sign Up Today

Ready to snag all of these bonuses?

...And my personal phone number for on the fly support?

Yeah, I am!

More Results!


Modern CEO

“I am doing it in a way that is aligned to me, my values, and who I am.”


Modern CEO

“I have seen the growth in me and consequently my business, which is the best thing ever.”


Modern CEO

“I have built a rhythm of rest that I look forward to in my day week and year.”

Here are some examples of what Modern CEOs have achieved with Amber by their side…

👉 Elle swapped her hectic 80 hour weeks for 30 hour one WITHOUT sacrificing her revenue and personal income (and saving her marriage in the process)

👉 Jenny grew her list from 0 to 13,000+ and made $60,000 in her first year of business.

👉 Amy cured her case of shiny object syndrome and got her second business off the ground

👉 Kayla started taking action and being intentional and now has clarity on what she’s working towards and a plan of action that will help her get there

👉 Elizabeth continued to publish book after book and used that momentum to launch a successful online program

👉 Jenna grew her revenue by 560% in just 4 months

👉 Kate went from being a stressed-out solopreneur to the CEO of a thriving micro agency, doubling her income, multiplying her impact, and paving the way for laptop-free holidays

No matter what kind of business you’re building or which goals you’re chasing, you need to become The Modern CEO.

"You want the McCue Magic"

I’d launched a program I was seriously excited about within days, and within hours I’d sold five spaces. Seriously… I can’t recommend the McCue Magic enough!

Cerries, Modern ceo

"She instills the CEO Mindset"

I had never approached my business as a CEO. Working with Amber this past year, especially this last crazy year that we had, it really has helped instill in me that CEO mindset. I have seen the growth that has happened in me and consequently in my business which is the best thing ever.

Annette, modern ceo

$347 USD x 6

per month for 6 months or $1800 Pay in full

The Modern CEO Grow is a high-touch 6 month consulting program for CEOs who are new or need light support.

Grow Includes:

value: $19,647

$347 USD x 6

per month for 6 months or $1800 Pay in full

$587 USD x 6

per month for 6 months or $3200 Pay in full

The Modern CEO Scale is an immersive 6 month experience for established businesses or thow who want more strategic collaboration.

Scale Includes:

value: $25,217

$587 USD x 6

per month for 6 months or $3200 Pay in full

$1083 USD x 6

per month for 6 months or $6,500 Pay in full

The Modern CEO Accelerate is for six figure to seven figure business owners who want to stay connected and informed on the latest strategies with a group of peers and who want unlimited strategic guidance from Amber.

Accelerate Includes:

value: $33,167

$1083 USD x 6

per month for 6 months or $6,500 Pay in full



Your roi

Because smart investments are one of the building blocks of successful business

Your ROI matters to me. And honestly, ROI is going to be dependent on what you do with the information in The Modern CEO. I am going to meet you there and show up. The information I am sharing in THe Modern CEO is what I have learned in 20 years of doing business and growing two successful businesses. This works. I’ve used it and applied it in more ways than one so I am not just teaching you exactly what I learned to grow my business to teach you what I learned. Meta, right?

What are your business + Life goals?


There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to business and no hard and fast model of success. But I do know that when your business runs better it means a better life.

Are you ready to grow?

How much time will The Modern CEO take?

You’ll want to carve out a few hours every week to dive into The Modern CEO. But remember, this isn’t about taking in information and not applying it. These hours you spend will be implementation time on your business, The Modern CEO supports what you are already doing and makes it better. Hop in our live calls to ask questions as you implement and strategize. I want you to have all the info you need to actually get in action. Not just take in more information. 😉

The Modern CEO starts as soon as you enroll! You’ll be able to log in and have access to everything right away! We’ll do our onboarding call on November 5th where we’ll walk you through everything you need to be fully supported and get rewards as The Modern CEO.

One of the reasons you might not have a lot of time right now could be that you’re caught up in the cycle of DOING ALL THE THINGS. If that’s the case, joining The Modern CEO will actually help you create more time in your life while supporting you to get more done. With this in mind, I’d encourage you to seriously think about joining now, so you can get closer to your dreams (including the dream of time freedom!) with the support you need.

Good question! Grow is good for all levels of business. You will receive all the tools you need to really build, grow, and scale your business. Scale is for anyone who wants additional strategic guidance and is more advanced in their business evolution. Accelerate is for our six figure up to seven figure business owners. Still unsure? Feel free to reach out and ask.

Yes, spaces are limited in our Accelerate level because of the unique mastermind experience we are creating and due to the hands on personal feedback from Amber. Limiting enrollment allows me to be available and ready to provide the best support possible. It also ensures our community is tight-knit and collaborative.

It depends on the experience you select. In the overall The Modern CEO enrollment we have hundreds – not thousands of people in our community at any given time, to ensure we can serve you fully.

Yes! That’s the beauty of this hybrid experience. I absolutely love going deep into your business. It is me, Amber, who answers your questions on The Hotline we have created exclusively for Modern CEOs in Grow and Scale. It’s a “phone-a-friend” lifeline of sorts. Because business happens real time and when you need someone to strategize or problem solve with, you need it!! 

In addition, Amber directly hosts virtual retreats and quarterly planning sessions so you’ll work with her there too. As an added benefit, Amber and Shay, our marketing expert and client experience manager, both host all of the calls together in The Modern CEO so you’ll get strategic guidance in many ares.

Our unique Focus Finder weekly accountability and The Modern CEO rewards program does help us track success of participants in our program. Plus when you get stuck you have direct access to Amber via The Hotline to get back on track. 

Because The Modern CEO is tailored to your business and your goals, the ROI is slightly different for everyone. Modern CEOs Amber has worked to achieve a whole range of things, including course launches, rate rises, publishing deals, best selling books, six and multi-six figure launches, growing a team, landing dream clients, and freeing up more of their time. I could go on, but the truth is almost anything is possible: you choose your goals and we do everything we can to make sure you reach them. In short, the question isn’t whether you’ll get a good ROI, but what that ROI will look like.

We commit to you when you enroll in The Modern CEO. When you sign up, we expect you are committing to us for the entire duration of the experience. We are in this together! As a result of us holding space and you receiving access to all of our materials immediately, we do not offer refunds after your first 5 days with us and we expect you to commit for the full timeframe when you join us.

We have a 5 day win-win guarantee because we want to make sure you know you are in the right place. If you go through the onboarding experience and determine our community is not a match for your needs, you can leave and we’ll refund your investment to date with no questions asked. See the full terms and conditions here.

Business owners who want to scale and grow and run their business from a place of leadership are encouraged to join us. The Modern CEO has worked for both product based businesses and service based businesses – web designers, authors, teachers, membership owners, jewelry makers, coaches, consultants, soap makers, and authors are a few examples of business owners who have used The Modern CEO frameworks to get ahead and grow.

You have to make smart investments in your business. If we haven’t answered all of your questions here, absolutely email us – you can find us at amber @ ambermccue [dot] com. Myself or someone from The A Team will get back to you asap! Also feel free to chat us up right here on the page! We’ll be happy to connect live during business hours. If we’re away, we’ll get back to you as soon as we’re back at our desks.

You have to make smart investments in your business. If we haven’t answered all of your questions here, absolutely email us – you can find us at amber @ ambermccue [dot] com. (I broke that up so the spam-bots don’t get me!) Myself or someone from The A Team will get back to you asap! Also feel free to chat us up right here on the page! We’ll be happy to connect live during business hours. If we’re away, we’ll get back to you as soon as we’re back at our desks.

$347 USD x 6

per month for 6 months or $1800 Pay in full

The Modern CEO Grow is a high-touch 6 month consulting program for CEOs who are new or need light support.

Grow Includes:

value: $19,647

$347 USD x 6

per month for 6 months or $1800 Pay in full

$587 USD x 6

per month for 6 months or $3200 Pay in full

The Modern CEO Scale is an immersive 6 month experience for established businesses or thow who want more strategic collaboration.

Scale Includes:

value: $25,217

$587 USD x 6

per month for 6 months or $3200 Pay in full

$1083 USD x 6

per month for 6 months or $6,500 Pay in full

The Modern CEO Accelerate is for six figure to seven figure business owners who want to stay connected and informed on the latest strategies with a group of peers and who want unlimited strategic guidance from Amber.

Accelerate Includes:

value: $33,167

$1083 USD x 6

per month for 6 months or $6,500 Pay in full


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